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About Us

About ShadowBag

Located in Fleming Island, Florida, ShadowBag Industries has been in business since 2004.  Our goal is to manufacture quality custom storage bags for military uniform items at an affordable price.  Established by career Naval Officers, we saw the need to have a custom bag to keep all our uniform items gently stored and easily viewed in one convenient location. We wanted to get away from storing our stuff in a shoe box and the desperate search for cufflinks right before the Military Ball.

The ShadowBag was first developed to fill a personal need, but when shipmates started to see our crude prototype, they began to ask "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!" and  "I WANT ONE!"

So began our journey to commercialize our product.  Today, the ShadowBag line of products have been shipped worldwide from our website and are available for purchase in the Uniform shops of the US Navy and the US Coast Guard Exchanges.  Every year we donate over one hundred bags for US Navy Petty Officer and Chief Petty Officer promotion events.

“I thought I had packed everything I needed for the trip, but when the training was completed and it came time to take a photo of the group in our dress uniforms, I didn’t have all the items I needed!  It was a very embarrassing moment to be out of uniform in front of all my peers.  I vowed that will NEVER happen to me again!”

                                         - True experience and inspiration for the design of the ShadowBag -

Contact us at: CustomerService@shadowbag.com.



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